Hoefwijzer website

A YouTuber’s website



The client

Fenna is a YouTuber from The Netherlands and makes video’s about her 2 horses: Noura and Moos. She has over 100.000 followers and reaches more than a half-million views per month. This makes her the number 2 horse channel in the Netherlands.

The goal

Fenna wanted a website to tell a little bit more about her story and her horses since they are an essential part of the story. Fenna wanted a clean looking website and easy to manage. She also wanted a page for her webshop where she could create links to other product pages.



The website has 6 pages and is full of pictures about Fenna and her horses. I started with a color pallet created out of her logo. Then I combined her favorite font and made it match all the content on the pages. The website resulted in a clean, modern-looking, but also friendly online space.

Category pages

Fenna wanted a dedicated page for her horses. In this preview, you can see the upper section of that page, where I tried to create a friends booklet idea for each one of her horses.

Blogpost bottom

The webshop is made in a dynamic way. This means that Fenna can easily add new items and pictures to the webshop whenever she wants. She can link the products to the webshops where she sells her merchandise.